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BEPlaceholderAPI is a plugin to add public variables to the game or plugin, plugin developers and owners to provide very rich and practical functions.

For the server owner​

including but not limited to below:

  • Dynamic Sgin variables
  • Plug-in public variables
For example: sidebar HeadShow and so on
  • Chat public variables
For each feature in this plugin, you can use the command "/papi" or revise the config file in "/plugins/BEPlaceholderAPI/" to turn it on and off at any time.

You can disable the above functions

For plug-in developers​

  • Script plug-in fast access API


Please go to Releases page to download the latest version.

? Install & Usage​

This plugin is developed based on LiteLoaderBDS, LL provides a powerful API system that greatly reduces development and maintenance costs, so to load BEPlaceholderAPI you need to install LiteLoaderBDS and drop it into its generated s Plugins folder in order to load and run correctly.

? Acknowledgement​

  • Thank Major development of dreamguxiang.
  • Thank HuoHuas001's help and contribution.
  • Thank Help and suggestions from LiteLDev development team members.

? Contact​


⚠️ Warning Please do not reproduce without permission, integration! This may keep it from ever being updated

Extra Restrictions & Exceptions You can't distribute, integrate, etc. without my authorized permission
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Latest updates

  1. 1.0.19

    Support Fix dynamic sign Add support for Wall Sign
  2. 1.0.18

    Support 1.20.*
  3. 1.0.17